Europäische Begegnungsorte – Interkulturelle Orte

18 – 27 april 2009

In the ambience of Namedy Castle near Andernach, the potential of artistic creativity and imagination was made tangible in a productive encounter with history. An exchange process of intercultural transgressions between the time layers of a place as well as between the forms of language, thought and action of different nationalities, which developed over 10 days, culminated in the Night of Art, an impressive scenic festival that transformed the rooms and gardens of the complex into an imaginary reality.

Exhibition of results: Namedy Castle, Namedy
Participants: 77 students from Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Ireland, USA, Canada and 26 educators and artists

“European Places of Encounter – Intercultural Places”
(ISBN 978-3-89890-155-0), Kliomedia Verlag, 2010, 1st edition.