moving.lab is a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and networking.

What is moving.lab?

moving.lab is a non-profit organization which aims at giving cultural institutions throughout Europe a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and networking. More specifically, we continuously offer international cultural activities that support students’ personal development in general and their intercultural competences in particular.

Who is moving.lab?

moving.lab consists of teachers, artists and cultural from countries all over Europe.

Please get to know the members of moving.lab here.

What do we want to achieve?

Our goal is the worldwide transfer of knowledge and cultural interaction with the overall objective of generating new knowledge in a process-oriented exchange to promote international understanding and peace around the world.

  • Promotion of holistic education and culture with numerous cooperation partners.
  • Promotion of intercultural skills.
  • Promotion of student culture at the academies and universities of European and also non-European countries.
  • Implementing creativity and innovation in society through art, design and science.
  • Promotion of ecological awareness among the population.
  • Anchoring cultural education in schools and universities.