Erinnerungsräume – Interkulturelle Orte

April until 14 April 2008

Students in the interdisciplinary intensive workshops spent eleven days exploring the former Jewish district of Kazimierz and the socialist planned and ideal city of Nowa Huta in Kraków as a field of possibility for intercultural exchange and overcoming barriers. The urban potential of urban spaces as spaces of memory and as living spaces was explored. Artistic concepts, designs and visions were presented in a public exhibition at the Kraków Art Academy.

Exhibition of results: Kraków Art Academy, Staircase Gallery
Participants: 55 students from Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Ireland, 23 educators.

“Memory Spaces – Intercultural Places”
(ISBN 978-3-89890-134-5), Kliomedia Verlag, 2010, 1st edition.