2007 Spaces of Remembrance – Architecture of War

The confrontation with the military space in the ‘greater region’ and the city of Trier formed the center of the one year lasting project. Frontier crossings, excursions, creative and interdisciplinary interventions along the ‘Westwall’ in the greater regions Saar-Lor-Lux, Rhein and Walloon from January until November 2007 offered intensive historical experiences to the participants. The project ended with a big international exhibition in the former military base Feuvrier in Trier, which was listed as the university’s contribution to the event of the European Cultural Capital 2007.

Exhibition: Gendarmerie Feuvrier in Trier

Figures: 150 students from Germany, France and Belgium. 100 other participants (25 professors, 6 artists, 69 members of social services, pupils, homeless people and asylum seekers form the Trier Nord district)