Erinnerungsräume – Architekturen des Krieges

October until 3 November 2007

The focus of the one-year project was the examination of military spaces in the Greater Region and the city of Trier. Border crossings, excursions, creative and multidisciplinary interventions along the Westwall in the greater region of Saar-Lor-Lux, Rhine and Wallonia led to intensively experienced encounters with history from January to November 2007. Strategies of aesthetic appropriation reconciled and transformed the past into a common, life-affirming European future. The project ended with a large, international final exhibition in the former Gendarmerie Feuvrier in Trier, which also served as the university’s contribution to the European Capital of Culture 2007 Luxembourg and Greater Region.

Final exhibition: Gendarmerie Feuvrier in Trier
Participation: 150 students from Germany, France and Belgium, 100 other participants (university educators: 25, artists: 6, members of social institutions, pupils, homeless people, asylum seekers from the Trier North district: 69)

“Memory Spaces – Architectures of War”
(ISBN 978-3-89890-133-8), Kliomedia Verlag, 2009, 1st edition.