Marcin Deutschmann

Academic Teacher, Researcher in Sociology and Linguistics, University of Opole, Poland

Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Social Sciences and PhD candidate at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Opole.

An experienced academic teacher and researcher. He was a participant in the FreedomBus Project organized by CrossBorder Network in 2016. The co-author (with Michał Wanke and Magdalena Hlawacz) of the post-project book “Moving Lab – Sketches on Unboxing European Identity”. Associated with moving.lab from the very beginning, since 2018th as its member.

Scientific interests:

  • rhetoric and critical discourse analysis
  • methodology of social sciences
  • democration, politics, migrations, social media

Research projects:

  • Since 2019 | Risk behaviour of youth | Member of research team
  • Since 2020 | Citizen Science Project within FORTHEM European Universities Alliance | Project manager
  • Since 2017 | Discourses of the Polish Blogosphere: An analysis of rhetorical strategies of selected political bloggers | PhD project

Selected publications:

  • Deutschmann Marcin, Hlawacz Magdalena Anna*, Wanke Michał: Moving Lab – Sketches on Uboxing European Identity. Research Notes apropos The FreedomBus Project, 2017, Wydział Sztuki Uniwersytetu Opolskiego, ISBN 978-83-63117-09-2 , 158 s.
  • Deutschmann Marcin, Molek-Kozakowska Katarzyna: Arguments and counter-arguments in the debate to decriminalize some forms of incestuous relations in Poland, in: Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego. Seria Filologiczna. Studia Anglica Resoviensia, vol. 15, nr 2, 2018, ss. 74-96, DOI:10.15584/sar.2018.15.2.6
  • Wanke Michał, Piejko-Płonka Magdalena, Deutschmann Marcin: Risk behavior of youth – social definition of risk, in: Zeszyty Pracy Socjalnej, vol. 25, nr 4, 2020, ss. 269-282, DOI:10.4467/24496138ZPS.20.031.13086