Art in the Park


Project idea  >>

Art in the Park is the summer project which gathered students from the faculties of design, art and architecture of the University of Applied Sciences (Tier, Germany) and the partner University of Opole (Poland).

The project took place in the Namedy Castle in Andernach, Rhineland-Palatinate on June, 27 – July 2, 2018

Under the project lead of Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci from the University of Applied Sciences Trier, the students have lived in the castle for one week and worked in the unique atmosphere, being able to combine the interdisciplinary approach in doing art-based research –doing art and analyzing art around ideas of cooperation, community, solidarity, responsibility in the mind of F. W. Raiffeisen.

Students made installations and land art pieces in the castle part of “Burg Namedy”. On June 30th, the project was televised by the German TV-channel SWR I the show „Landesschau“ and the next day, over a thousand of visitors came to see the students’ works.

We are very grateful to Heide Princess of the House of Hohenzollern for her invitation and hospitality!


Participants >>

University of Applied Sciences Trier team  >>

Christian Spang
Valentin Henning (filmdocumentation)
Christine Rudi
Michelle Geist
Miranda Osborne / USA
Chiara Legri / Italy
Miglė Kunickytė / Lithuania
Erika Juodyte / Lithuania
Wang Xuelu / China
Sophia Akmed / Ukraine
Leung Hiu Sum / Honkgong
Lau Ying Tung / Hongkong
Ngai Ka Ying / Honkgong
Philipp Kern
Rhoda Albers
Corinna Hofmann
Jana Hoffmann
Sarah Bastigkeit
Ilona Neubauer
Hilla Müller
Burcu Boynoujogun / Turkey

University of Opole team  >>

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Magda Hlawacz / Faculty of Art
Prof. Dr. Michał Wanke / Faculty of Social Sciences
Marcin Deutschmann, Sociologist/ Career service UO
Karolina Trościanka, Sociologist/Career service UO

Students  >>

Joanna Stachowiak / Intercultural Communication
Paweł Guściora / Intercultural Communication
Anatoliy Hryshchuk /Polish Studies
Anna Cherenovych / Intercultural Communication
Aissam Labed / International Relations
Fan Lymey / Erasmus, Cambodia
Bojan Tubić / Erasmus, Serbia
Se HorSeng / Erasmus, Cambodia
Narges Dehghani /Erasmus, Iran