A New World Always in Movement

Task, Idea and Goal

On the occasion of the 200th birth year anniversary of Karl Marx, a kinetic sculpture was planned to be placed in front of the Landesmusem. The sculpture should visualize and express Karl Marx’s philosophy in a symbolic way, while bringing public attention to the „Karl Marx Year“ and the Landesmusem.

The sculpture models, designed by international teams, were exhibited in January 2018. A multi-headed jury chose one of the designs, which then was produced in a 1:1 scale. Additionally, the concepts were shown on May, 4th, 2018 in a professionally curated exhibition as part of the University of Applied Science Trier Werkschau.

The workshop was held at the Institute of Art (University of Opole, Poland) from November 4 to December, 12, 2017  preceded by the scientific elaboration of the topic and defining of the principal concepts.

Furthermore, it is planned to exhibit the designs again as part of the “Design- und Kulturtage Trier”, accompanying the international symposium (about 100 participants from 16 countries).

The art scientific preparation took place in parallel during the winter term 2017/18 at the University of Applied Sciences Trier and the University Opole. The lectures were open to the public and enjoyed a huge interest.


//  The remembrance work at the locations of the political-cultural and historical events, in this case in Trier, birth place of Karl Marx, was done profoundly and lastingly. Especially for the young people, the students from six nations, it led to a sharpening of the political, historical, and cultural awareness.

//  Through the project, the international cooperation was promoted to sustainably improve the mutual understanding for other cultures and the historical conscience of Europe.

//  Through the work in the international and multicultural Team, the social and intercultural
competences, especially the aspect of civil courage, was promoted.

//  The project supported the creation of a network in the art-, culture- and design scene intended to redesign common European job profiles.

//  Educational support from different points of view through temporary opening the Universities for the general public in the open exhibition.

People involved 

The project was created, managed and led by
Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci
Management and coordination
Dr. hab. Kazimierz S. Ożóg, Prof. UO
Local logistics

Art scientific preparation/kinetic sculpture

Dr. hab. Kazimierz S. Ożóg, Prof. UO

Lecture/history and philosophy preparation

Prof. Dr. Beatrix Bouvier “Annäherungen an Karl Marx. Eine biografische Skizze”
“Approach to Karl Marx. A biographic sketch.”


20 students communication design, architecture, intermedia design, interiordesign (DE)
8 students University of Opole/ sculpture (PL)
2 students mechanical engeneering, informatics (DE, PL) (from five nations)

Supervision of the students at the workshop  

Prof. Marian Molenda (Sculpture) UO/PL
Dr. Ignacy Nowodworski (Sculpture) UO/PL
Dr. Wit Pichurski (Sculpture) UO/PL
Prof. Piotr Bozyk (Industrial Design), Kunstakademie Krakau /PL
Dr.Marta Bozyk/ Grafik/ Kunstakademie Krakau/PL
Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci (Design, Experimental Design)/ DE
Sven Fuchs/ MA / Presentation/Copywriting/DE


Light Artist: Michal Kaczmarzyk
Ing. Hermann Eiden /DE

Technical support  

Michael Hoffman, head of CAD und CAM (University of Applied Sciences Trier, Technology Department)


Michal Przyszlak/ UO/PL
Marian Kost/ IMD/HS Trier

Assistant, project organisation, exhibition concept presentation

Alois Kaufmann

Project in progress can be viewed here