Why we established Moving.Lab –  A European Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Culture and Education >>

The 10-year ongoing international work of the „Cross Border Network of History and Arts“ (Established in 2007) and the „Transatlantic Dialogue“ conference, which has been held since 2008, has given us numerous positive insights in the field of „Cultural Education“. We want to extend and continue these experiences in cooperation with various institutions and actors of society. Additionally, a consortium consisting of elected European and also non-European academies and universities will be targeted as a means of internationalization. This institution allows any partner of the Moving.Lab to avoid political or ideological constraints in its home country

The purpose of the organisation is, above all, to strengthen all facets of education and culture by creating synergies between the cooperation partners. In so doing, we promote intercultural competences, through the propagation of student culture at universities and other institutions in both European and non-European countries.