The FreedomBus

What is the FreedomBus?

The FreedomBus is a laboratory on wheels for culture and education – an international mobile university. Within two years (2016 and 2017) and two stages the bus has travelled about 3000 km through Central Europe. 35 participants from up to 15 European countries from the special fields of arts, science and handicraft have closely experienced prominent historic European sites.


• By meeting one another the participants have made an intense and meaningful experience

• Subjects of Europe‘s past and present have been worked on scientifically and artistically during the ride and at the stops

• On board of the FreedomBus there took place lectures, discussions and movie presentations. At the different stops there were provided exhibitions, workshops, body language and moral courage trainings

• Public exhibitions and the artistic output of the participants were intended to persuade the general public in European countries to deal with European values in history and art


It's intended to strengthen the generation and the awareness of European people‘s values (solidarity, respect for human dignity, freedom of opinion, democracy, equality and the integrity of human rights) as the essential basis for ethic judgement and moral action. Through >>

• Reminding activities at places of cultural political and historical events

• Raising the political, historical and social awareness especially of young people

• Encouragement of international cooperation to improve effectively mutual understading for other cultures

• Communication and Encouragement of social and intercultural competences with attention on strengthening the ability of moral courage

• Supporting the cultivation of networks in the cultural, arts and design scene with the ambition to newly formulate common European job profiles

• Educational advancement through the temporary opening of universities for all sections of the population



Artists, designers, students, lecturers, asylum seekers, citizens, scholars and craftsmen. People from all social stratums and from various parts of Europe.