Flower Power

Background of the project

In 1918 Poland gained independence after beeing divided for 123 years by Prussia, Austria-Hungary and Russia. In this year, the country celebrates the 100 years of regained independence.
The history became starting material for the artinstallation "Flowers of independence" in the summerterm of 2018. Workshopn On this occasion, through the initiative of Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci, Annina Baeger (MA Student) and Silvia Gessinger (Dipl. Des. MA) from the University of Applied Sciences Trier together with the partnering University Opole/ Art Faculty and the City of Opole, three-day workshop was held with 37 students of the University Opole.

The goal for the workshop was the realisation of a light/artinstallation made from over 400 waterproff origami blossoms, beeing placed in a central location of the University area. The art of folding paper has a long tradition and originally comes from China and Japan and was presented and visualized by a lecture from Annina Baeger. Afterwards the folding and glueing began, starting into three intense days in great group- and workatmosphere.

Why the origami technique?
Through origami, stilized figures and objects can be created. The stilization is and abstraction and in some parts reducation of a detailed threedimensional reference. Complex shapes are reproduced through the mere folding of a sheet of paper. The installation and its meaning On the 4th of June 2018 the installation was put in its place with a great effort of students and teachers, residents of the city and randomly passing tourists, symbolicly "planting" the origami blossoms toghether. Afterwards they all waited for dusk while indirect lightning enhanced the blossoms effect.

Symbolism of the flowers
For this project, flowers were chosen to be fold, i.e. Tulips or Daisies. Each flower has a different Symbolism like freedom, independence, luck, strenght or faithfulness, human warmth, creativity, engergy, light, hope or love. These characteristics represent the values of society and the position and live setting which should be highlighted during the 100 year anniversary of the polish independence. The tender, easily folded blossoms give space for interpretation, the simple sheet became a blossom through creativity. This process is meant to show the creative and innovative potential of Poland: A country full of creativity in past, present and future. Placed on thin metallrods, the blossoms sway with the wind, symbolzing also the dynamic and the reference to environment and nature. The widely spaced artinstallation display the growth and the potential of the country, reinforcing the message by the different meanings of the flowers. The lightning enhances the attention, the blossoms become a sea of flowers in the darkness.

Intention of the installation is to transfer the observer into a symbolic, creativ-visual experience and point of view, encouraging reflection and their own creative thought.