A New World Always in Movement

Task/ Idea and Goal:

On the occasion of the 200th birth year anniversary of Karl Marx, a kinetic sculpture was planned to be placed in front of the Landesmusem. The sculpture should visualize and express Karl Marx's philosophy in a symbolic way, while bringing public attention to the „Karl Marx Year“ and the Landesmusem.


The sculpture models, designed in international teams, were shown in an exhibition in January 2018. A multi-headed jury choose one of the designs, which then was produced in a 1:1 scale. Additionally, the concepts were shown on 04.05.2018 in a professionally curated exhibition as part of the University of Applied Science Trier's Werkschau. Furthermore, it is planned to exhibit the designs again as part of the "Design- und Kulturtage Trier", accompanying the international symposium (about 100 participants from 16 countrys).


After scientific preparation of the topic and creating of the different concepts, a workshop was
held from 04.11. - 12.11.2017 at the Institute for Art at University Opole in Poland.

Art scientific preparation (history, philosophy and art history):

The art scientific preparation took place in parallel during the winter term 2017/18 at the University of Applied Sciences Trier and the University Opole. The lectures were open to the public and enjoyed a huge interest.

Art scientific preparation/kinetic sculpture:

Dr. hab. Kazimierz S. Ożóg, Prof. UO

Lecture/historiy and philosophy preparation:

Prof. Dr. Beatrix Bouvier "Annäherungen an Karl Marx. Eine biografische Skizze"
"Approach to Karl Marx. A biographic sketch."

Management of the project:

The project was created, managed and led by two professors from the partner universities:

  • Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci /Managment and coordination /Teaching
  • Dr. hab. Kazimierz S. Ożóg, Prof. UO / Local logistics/ Teaching

20 students communicationdesign, architecture, intermedia design, interiordesign (DE)
8 students Universität Opole/ sculpture (PL)
2 students mechanical engeneering, informatics (DE, PL) ( from five nations )

Supervision of the students at the workshop:

Prof. Marian Molenda (Sculpture) UO/PL
Dr. Ignacy Nowodworski (Sculpture) UO/PL
Dr. Wit Pichurski (Sculpture) UO/PL
Prof. Piotr Bozyk (Industrial Design), Kunstakademie Krakau /PL
Dr.Marta Bozyk/ Grafik/ Kunstakademie Krakau/PL
Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci (Design, Experimental Design)/ DE
Sven Fuchs/ MA / Presentation/Copywriting/DE


Light Artist: Michal Kaczmarzyk
Ing. Hermann Eiden /DE

Technical support:

Michael Hoffman, head of CAD und CAM (University of Applied Sciences Trier, Technology Department)


Michal Przyszlak/ UO/PL
Marian Kost/ IMD/HS Trier

Assistant, project organisation, exhibition concept, presentation:

Alois Kaufmann

  • The remembrance work at the locations of the political-cultural and historical events, in this
  • case in Trier, birth place of Karl Marx, was done profoundly and lastingly. Especially for the
    young people, the students from six nations, it led to a sharpening of the political, historical, and cultural awareness.
  • Through the project, the international cooperation was promoted to sustainably improve the mutual understanding for other cultures and the historical conscience of Europe.
  • Through the work in the international and multicultural Team, the social and intercultural
    competences, especially the aspect of civil courage, was promoted.
  • The project supported the creation of a network in the art-, culture- and design scene intended to redesign common european job profiles.
  • Educational support from different points of view through temporarly opening the Universities for the general public in the open exhibition.